A month ago, I decided to get really serious about dropping 15 pounds. It’s the 15 pounds of winter fluff that I acquired when I lost my mind over the insane amounts of cookies, cakes, brownies and pies that my mother made during the holiday season. Aside from having a wicked sweet tooth, my diet has never been bad. I’ve always been a healthy eater, but during the winter months, my level of physical  activity decreased to zero. So I had one of those moments when I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw, so I decided to get serious about changing it and also I thought about the massive amounts of money I would have to spend on a completely new wardrobe.

IMG_20160617_090243 (1)

So far, it hasn’t been an easy journey as I am working muscles that I haven’t worked in months. It’s amazing how quickly you can find yourself out of shape and not even realize how it happened. Walking felt different. I found myself short of breath after walking up a few steps. I felt weighed down. So I set a goal. My current goal is to jog at least 2 miles a day. So I go with my mother to the track at the nearest college in my area and I work my way to two miles. Some days it’s a combination of walking and jogging. Some days if my ankles are sore, it’s just walking, but the goal is to never end below 2 miles.

I came across an article on Bustle of a woman who tried an 8 minute ab workout for two weeks and documented her results. So I thought 8 minutes isn’t such a long time…why don’t I try it? So I do a freestyle series of 8 minute abs every morning as I listen to The Friendzone podcast episodes and then before bed at night.


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My mother and I have been doing the gallon challenge daily. I try my hardest to finish an entire jug of water and I can say that even though I’ve always preferred water over juice and soda…I have NEVER drank so much water in my entire life. Good thing I work from home because during the day, it’s hard for me to go anywhere given the frequent amounts of bathroom trips I have to make, but it’s worked wonders for my skin. It’s helped me shed five pounds of water weight (the hard part is keeping it off), and it’s reduced bloating. There are several health benefits to drinking water, but imagine how effective those health benefits can be when you drink ONLY water.


As I said, my diet has never been too bad, but it has gotten better. I’ve trained my tastebuds to want loads of vegetables and fruits. I eat salads often and try my hardest to shy away from the healthy, processed things every now and then I indulge a little bit, but I’m trying to break bad habits.

In comes the Whole30 challenge. This is a diet that’s intent on resetting your body. It follows the scientific fact that 80 percent of your health begins with the digestive system and your gut. So it’s intent is to cut out things in your daily diet that have a huge impact on the bacteria in your stomach. In conclusion to the thirty days, it allows you to start reintroducing those foods back into your diet, but it encourages you to listen to how your body responds to it in case there are things that you should definitely cut permanently. ***This is not a weight loss diet*** but after reading through testimonials some have talked about a flatter mid section. Click the image to read more about The Whole30 diet. I figure why wait until Monday when I can start tomorrow?

I will say that today when I look in the mirror, I can do it with a smile. I’m loving what I’m starting to see and I’m definitely becoming less critical of myself.



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