Menu Accelerated Weight Loss By Eating Clean Eating

Clean eating a clean diet, the staple foods close to nature, at all processed foods. A clean food menu is directed to a simple meal nutritious but clean, not to mention the amount of protein, calories or how much fat is metabolized or not?


With a menu of healthy eating to lose weight this means that you should only eat foods “pure” literally, does not contain harmful levels or the effects of chemicals (pesticides or drugs, preservatives, coloring agents, ..)
The effect of this menu is help you lose weight quick after a short implementation time. Also mode helps you clean eating toxins, releasing gases that are harmful to health and help you lose weight faster.
However not everyone is successful with quick weight loss menu, you need to know how to balance the amount of nutrients in each meal to limit nutrient deficiencies for a healthy body. Moreover, successful weight loss depends on the location and state of health of each person as well.

cereals for weight loss

cereals for weight loss

Below is a quick weight loss menu that you can consult. In 1 week, 3 days you should apply to be more effective.

The first day:
Breakfast (6.30 “- 7 pm): 1 cup cereal options, 1 banana, 1 cup fat-free milk.

Breakfast afternoon (10h): 1 cup fresh fruit salad or 1 cup of juice

Lunch (12 am – 1230 ‘): 1 cup rice, cooked chicken pieces ¼, 1 green vegetable plate options

Breakfast afternoon (3pm): 1 pear, 1 glass of fresh grape juice

Dinner (6 pm-30 ‘- 7 pm): ½ cup cooked rice, 1 plate steamed shrimp, vegetable option, as far as possible

The 2nd day:
Breakfast (6.30 “- 7 pm): 3 eggs boiled or sunny, 1 salad greens

Breakfast afternoon (10h): 1 plate of salad greens, 1 cup fruit juice

Lunch (12 am – 1230 ‘): 1 plate of beef sauteed celery, 1 cup rice, 1 large soup bowl

Breakfast afternoon (3pm): 1 slice of boiled chicken indent, 1 fresh cucumber

Dinner (6 pm-30 ‘- 7 pm): 1 cup large soup, salad greens 1 large, ½ steamed fish

The 3rd day:
Breakfast (6.30 “- 7 pm): 1 piece of boiled meat, 1 slice of bread, 1 cup skim milk

Breakfast afternoon (10h): 1 glass of strawberry smoothie

Lunch (12 am – 1230 ‘): ½ cup of rice, 3 boiled eggs, olive oil sautéed vegetables 1 disc

Breakfast afternoon (3pm): 1 cup fresh milk without sugar, 1 fruit salad

Dinner (6 pm-30 ‘- 7 pm): 1 slice of boiled chicken, 1 cup large soup, 1 plate of boiled vegetables

Also, during the day you should also drink plenty of water and avoid stress by practicing yoga methods, jogging, ..

And many menus in 7hag slimming for you so that you can easily update the latest information to protect health and preserve the shape of your body.


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