7 ways to beautiful and perfect weight loss from carrots

Besides visual enhancement, carrots also a series of other good effect as help skin, thickening hair, acne, weight loss …

lost weight and beauty from carrot
Carrots are a very common type of vegetables and easy to buy anywhere. Besides the most popular is good for the eyes, carrot, there are many other possibilities, such as help beautify hair thick, smooth skin, acne … Here are some great uses of tubers very easy to find and cheap money.

1. Acne
The amount of vitamin A in carrots bright eyes not only strong, but also proven acne treatment can safely, effectively equivalent to some drugs like retinoids and isotretonion, but did not cause any effect common side as in pharmaceuticals. Vitamin C in carrots can also help protect the skin from inflammation, boost the immune system and enhancing antibody to the skin, which supports you actively in the fight against acne.

In addition, carrots are rich in sodium, a substance found in many acne medications and dietary fiber, components indispensable help the digestive system works well, thereby effectively discarded toxins accumulate in the body in a natural way. There are several ways to use carrots acne, blackheads …, you can eat raw tubers, juice, carrots processing into a variety of dishes such as salads, stir-fry, soup. Mask carrot puree with olive oil for about 15 minutes then rinse well to the same effect.

2. Reduce wrinkles
Once in the body, beta carotene in carrots is converted into vitamin A, which helps reduce the degeneration of skin cells, slow the aging process. Also, carrots also help improve the amount of collagen in the skin, thus maintaining its elasticity, prevent wrinkles and sagging skin condition.

To maintain youthful skin and smooth stretch, you can mask processing by boiling carrots, pureed carrots, then adding 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on face for 20 minutes and then gently rinse with water. Every week should only cover one time, or up about 3 times / 2 weeks.

3. thick and shiny hair
Consume about 100 grams of carrot juice a day will stimulate better hair growth, hair thick and shiny help. The reason is that vitamin C and vitamin E in carrots improves blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth and prevent aging fast hair.

You can also mask processing by tempering carrot hair to help hair recover quickly after damage, become mere soft, shiny. Just 2 carrots stewed, crushed, mixed with 1 special avocado mixture then dab of hair. Tempering heated towel hair back within 1 hour then wash.

4. Helps nails
The amount of biotin, also called vitamin H, which is important for nail and hair, there are a lot of carrots. So carrots consumed regularly will decrease the risk of a broken nail, as well as help nail thick, hard, strong and shiny.

5. Reduce bruise caused by scarring, anti-dry skin
Potassium contained in carrot juice help reduce dry skin condition lumpy, by enhancing the body’s hydration to keep skin moist and smooth. In addition, the carrot also prevent acne scars dark, gives you skin rosy and bright.

You can use carrot puree mask covering directly onto the face to reduce deep scars. When carrots dry, use a cotton swab or dots dab of olive oil to the skin with deep scars, for another 20 minutes and then wash your face with warm rice water, warm water or cleanser. Using were about 2 times / week, after one month you will see intensive skin condition has improved markedly.

6. Reduce sunburn and skin rashes
Carrot juice contains more beta carotene reduces sunburn increases skin’s resistance to the effects of sunlight. Not only that, the amount of vitamin abundant in orange tubers also very good for your skin and help reduce skin problems like eczema, rashes …

7. Supports weight loss
Because effective against constipation, carrots should also actively support the process of disposal of toxins, help purify the body and prevent obesity. In addition, carrots contain more fiber makes you feel full; phosphorus in carrots help burn more energy while training and mobilization. Plus vitamin B and iron break the fat, sugar and proteins in the body, promote metabolism, increase oxygen supply to the cells, thereby supporting positive and effective process weight loss.

Maybe many food processing, beverages delicious and help lose weight from carrots, boiled carrot, carrot juice and tomatoes, salad, stir-fried with a little olive oil … But care must be taken Using regular carrots, too much of beta carotene in the vegetable can make your skin yellow, is most evident in the palm. When it should reduce the carrots and further combined with other vegetables also have the same effect.


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