How to fast ance to natural

Acne is one notable problem for many people, the life industry is evolving to sleep late and get up early, pollution and changes in the levels of hormones in the body adolescents during puberty. Standing as one of the causes of acne

Acne with eggs

Acne on the face grows causing uncomfortable feeling and makes you lose confidence when you go out especially acne wrap. So how to prevent and treat acne effectively. Here are ways to prevent and treat acne at home by effective foods derived from nature

Egg whites:
Eggs are one of the foods available at home and is one of the ways to treat acne particularly effective against acne bran often appear in the nose, skin cleansing, skin beauty
Step 1: You need to wash your face with warm water through to the skin pores and skin stretch
Step 2: Double Smash egg whites inclined to run down white bowl to extract strange facial
Step 3: Using a spoon or whisk instruments, beaten egg whites to give them. If you have lemon or honey you can add a tablespoon into effect will be better
Step 4: Apply the mixture on a brush or cotton soaked, should face scanning, data for about 15 minutes then rinse with warm water

Eggs boiled:
Not only egg whites, egg yolks also works very well in driving and flying acne facial cleansing bran but also boiled eggs is not easy. Let’s see how eggs are light acne special
Step 1: You boil water boil then stir with chopsticks circles clockwise then release eggs and continue to stir. The purpose of this is to give the yolk in the middle
Step 2: Once you can peel eggs cooked eggs immediately, then rolled to roll back acne bran areas for 2-3 minutes. Then let the eggs cool about 15p Games
At that time you will be surprised with unexpected results with that considered ways to 🙂

Effective acne with lemon juice:
Lemon juice contains alpha hydroxy acids lot so it will be used as exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Fragrant lemon flavor and cool makes you feel comfortable
How to perform extremely simple:
You can use a sponge or cloth dipped in lemon juice and then wipe the surface approximately a 15 minute, just dab a hand massage medium from the outside will have surprising effects nhé

Tea tree oil:
Tea is a natural plant derived, in support of tea contains many antioxidants, and has been used to extract natural skin beauty. antibacterial and help provide oxygen to the skin, prevent acne
With tea tree oil, you can use the following way:
You grab a sponge or cloth dipped in 3-4 drops of tea tree oil, then apply to face in the direction from outside to inside and from the top down and the acne
After 30 minutes you can rinse with warm water. Continuity within a few weeks you will see big effect

Cold water:
According to research by British scientists using cold water in the washing bath, shampoo, face wash will help people a refreshing, firming skin, blowing dust
Use cold water for personal hygiene routine while increasing longevity avoid illness and weight loss fat burning

Steam is a very easy to implement measures at best, medium dilate pores loosen the buildup of bacteria. oily skin and dead cells
Acne with Steam

Step 1:
You heat water then flows into a basin, followed by all the top government towel to absorb the water vapor around the face, then for 5-8 minutes. Then rinse with water clean towel. Doing so within a few weeks you will see big effect

If you suffer from skin pigmentation may consult natural skin pigmentation treatments


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